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We are the drama queens/kings [entries|friends|calendar]
Dr4mA r00ls 4 lyfe

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[10-19-2004] @ [12:33am]

[ mood | grrr ]

boys suck. forever.

I cardiac organ this community.

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[07-23-2004] @ [1:35am]

[ mood | blah ]

Oh OH! 4 Memebers. We should have a party.

I'll bring the hats.

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look ...drama [07-20-2004] @ [3:52am]

daniels practically avoiding me or is conviniently breaking promise after promise and continuing to make them anyways. he just keeps upsettingme more and more and this is the 3rd or 4th time he's blownme off and he hasn't even been back a week. this is like bullshit to me and i keep findingmyself crying over something as stupid as this whole thing again.
yay drama with a lack of spelling and an abundance of errors
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[07-15-2004] @ [11:24pm]

Hey motherfucker, I'm after you. I know where you live.

I will fuck you up the ass and I will sneak into your room and cut your cock off
And stuff it in my mouth and chew it up with my little teeth.
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DRAMAMAMAMMAMAMAMA [07-11-2004] @ [4:50pm]
OMGZ I hate that Lexa girl.. such a hoe bag!! q:
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[07-11-2004] @ [3:39pm]
What the heck! No one likes LiveJournal drama? Forget you guys! (:
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[07-10-2004] @ [1:55am]
Oh snap, I am so rocking this shit!
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[07-10-2004] @ [1:35am]

[ mood | calm ]

This is the worst idea for a community ever


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